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This is a  blog that helps women to enter the lucrative automotive industry .The automotive world is not just a male dominated industry anymore.

We help women to become involved in the automotive Industry from the beginning to owning your own automotive shop owner. We welcome your comments, suggestions, questions.

Join us today .

We are here for you!

Today’s women are apart of the automotive action.

Women have a huge advantage over men Technicians such as

(1) They are better listeners

than men. They pay attention to the automotive complaint.

(2) They have smaller hands to work in tight automotive tight areas. They can feel the area.

(3) They know the problems of an automobile that a man does not know unless he is a woman.

(4) They can describe the automotive complaint in ways that a man cannot . They use vocabulary is a much different way.

Just as everything else is okay.The car starts acting up. The battery, the tires the engine or the transmission. When does it stop. Is there a better way ?

We believe it is only ; if you understand your are by building a relationship between you and your car.

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A retired automotive teacher of at a leading automotive school in New York city. Spending many years in the automotive Industry. A College graduate in automotive Technology. Attended various trade schools for automotive mechanics.

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