Rents are so high many women are …

Living in their car. Some women feel that it much cheaper to live in their car , van or recreational vehicle. They feel that they can save money to buy a house or condominium.High rents just makes you a slave that you just cannot win . Whether or not you are living with your family or solo in your vehicle you need to join us for life saving tips. do understand.We are here to help you to understand how you need to take care of your vehicle the cheap way.There are many safety factors to consider before you live in your vehicle. Let us help you join us now.

Who knew …?

Linda did not know what was waiting for her when she got home.It was a notice to vacant her apartment for non payment of rent. She did not know what she was going to do.What could she do ? She never bought a vehicle before to move on..She contacted :

They told her that she could buy a van or RV to live in while she saved her money to buy an acre of land . She could build her a small house to live in .The money she saved by following our advice in purchasing a vehicle gave her a huge advantage over those that do not follow us.Who knew ? knew !